After the Weekly Rank List results, Clans are awarded Gold coins. These coins are deposited into the Clan's Treasury.

You can find more information about the Clan Rank LIst and the points you can earn HERE.

If you have your own Clan, or are a member of a Clan (depending on your Rank), you can access the Clan's Treasury from the Clan Profile page.

Clan members can decide together on how to spend their Gold coins, such as by voting. However, only the LEADER and LIEUTENANT(S) can spend the Gold coins in the Treasury.

It is very important to think about who gets what rights a Clan because Gold coins can be spent by the LEADER and LIEUTENANT(S) without a vote or the permission of other members.

If a LEADER or LIEUTENANT spends Gold from the Clan Treasury without the approval of other Clan members, it can NOT be reclaimed. This is the internal affairs of a Clan, that the Clan members themselves must resolve. If someone abuses the priviledges of their Clan Rank, you may want to remove that member from the Clan.

Gold Coins in the Treasury can be spent by Clans on:

  • Booster packs that apply to all Clan members (those who are already in the Clan). For example, for 1 million Gold coins, Clan members can use the Booster of their choice for a week. 
  • Silver Shields
  • Gold Shields (can only be purchased at an auction)