Alliance - Rules of the Game

Triviador: Alliance is a two-player strategy quiz game. The object of the game is to defeat the Dark Lord's Empire with your ally.

In order to win, you must answer multiple-choice questions correctly, and, with the right strategy, conquer as many territories as possible, or destroy the Dark Lord's Castle.

If all of your Castle's Towers are destroyed by the Dark Lord, the game is over. Since this is a cooperative game, you can only win if you both players "survive" the attacks. Think carefully about your strategy!

In the game, your player color is always blue. Your ally is always green, while the Dark Lord is black.

The game takes place on a fantasy map divided into 19 territories.

The game consists of 3 main stages:

  1. Base Territory Selection
  2. Expansion
  3. Battle

1. Base Territory Selection:

Each player gets a Base Territory, including the Dark Lord The bases are not adjacent to each other and are marked with a Castle with 3 Towers.

Each castle is worth 400 points.

2. Expansion:

The remaining 16 areas must be occupied during this stage. This section consists of 6 rounds. The Dark Lord begins each round, followed by you and and then your ally - alternately choosing a territory The last territory, 19, always goes to the Dark Lord.

Only adjacent territories can be occupied. If there is no unoccupied territories adjacent to yours, you can choose a territory adjacent to your ally's territories. If there are no empty territories adjacent your own, or those of your ally, then any territory can be selected.

During the expansion, the territories occupied by you and your ally are worth 200 points each. The Dark Lord's territories are worth 400 points each.

Due to the territories occupied, you will begin the battle with 2,800 points:

  • Your Territories: 400+200*5= 1400
  • Your Ally's Territories: 400+200*5=1400
  • The Dark Lord's Territories: 400+400*6= 2800

You do NOT have to answer questions during this stage.

3. Battle:

The Battle stage consists of up to 10 rounds. You and your green ally can only attack the Dark Lord's territories. You and your ally take turns choosing which black territory to attack each round.

You can attack the Dark Lord's Castle immediately if you occupy any territory adjacent to the black Castle. This means you can potentially destroy two towers as early as the first round.

Only the black territories adjacent to your territories can be attacked. If there are no adjacent territories, you can attack a black territory adjacent to your ally's territories.

After selecting a territory you will have to answer a multiple choice question. You and your ally will answer the question at the same time, but you will only see your question (NOT your ally's). The Dark Lord does not answer questions. The number of territories he can occupy in one round depends solely on whether you and your ally answer correctly or incorrectly.

If you answer the question correctly, you will occupy the selected territory. If your Ally responds correctly, s/he will also receive the territory s/he has attacked. So you can occupy two territories in a single round.

After the question has been evaluated for a correct/incorrect answer, the Dark Lord can occupy one territory (or destroy a Tower) every turn. Additionally, the Dark Lord gets bonus attack opportunities of every incorrect answer given by the players. The Dark Lord can only occupy territories, or destroy Castles, if they are adjacent to black territories. So, for example, if you and your Ally both answer incorrectly, not only will you NOT occupy the attacked territories, but the Dark Lord will be able to attack three times.

The Dark Lord can attack in the following way:

  • You and your ally both answer the question correctly -> the Dark Lord can occupy 1 territory from you or your ally. In other words, the Dark Lord can attack once.
  • Only one of you answer the question correctly -> the Dark Lord can occupy 2 territories in this case. In other words, the Dark Lord can attack twice.
  • Neither of you answer correctly -> The Dark Lord can occupy 3 territories from you. In other words, the Dark Lord can attack three times.

The Dark Lord can combine all attack possibilities in one round; even against a base territory. This means that the Dark Lord can win the match in just one round.

If you answer a question incorrectly, and the Dark Lord occupies your, or your ally's territory, it will become black.

The Battle can end in five ways:

  1. You can destroy the Dark Lord's Castle
  2. Win with points
  3. Draw
  4. Dark Lord wins with points
  5. Dark Lord destroys your, or your ally's Castle